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Why should we make time for yoga?

Since I have taken time off from teaching, I have been focused on self-care and my personal practice. And during the past several weeks , I remembered why I love teaching and sharing it so much.

Most of us get caught up in our busy lives and forget what truly is important. We let our ego and our emotions get the best of us as we are bombarded with all kinds of distractions from family and work to societal and environmental issues. We become attached and begin to take on the burden of all these issues. This places stress on our parasympathetic (rest and digest) system wreaking havoc on our bodies mentally and physically and is the root cause for many diseases in this country.

Therefore, maintaining a practice of meditation, pranayama, and asana helps to detoxify the mind, physical body, and the spiritual self by keeping your sympathetic (fight or flight) system at bay.

So if you want to live a life full of vitality, peace, and happiness, please consider making time for your own personal practice every day, and you, too, will reap the profound benefits of a yogic practice.


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