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Yoga for Healing

I‘m in the midst of a lifelong journey of healing. I’m taking time off from teaching to focus on my family, on my personal growth, and practice. Having to close down the Manhattan studio due to an extremely hurtful business deal, then having to close down the Frankfort studio due to this crazy pandemic, and with my dad being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, everything just hit me really, really hard.

In life sometimes there’s happiness and laughter but more often than not there’s anger, disappointment, frustration, sadness and tears. However, when you learn to focus on one goal, whether it’s surrendering to what is, to God, your higher self, or truth, you start to fill your heart up with love and compassion with a willingness to serve selflessly. Then this is the aha moment when you begin to notice the pain and all the emotions slowly beginning to fade away. That’s when you know you are healing.❤️🙏🏻

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